HURRICANE - The Ripley Middle School Volleyball team (2-2) has logged some mileage and road time over the last week. The squad coached by head coach Brenda Moore and assistant coach Sarah Swisher was able to earn a split in games with Winfield and Hurricane. The jayvee team remains undefeated at (4-0).

On Monday the team traveled to the Charleston Civic Center to face the Winfield Middle Lady Generals. Winfield is an athletic team who is a strong hitting and serving group.
The varsity lost to Winfield in three games: 25-23, 25-12 and 25-12.
Serving: Mikala Armstead 12/12, Anna Kurnott and Karlie Hesson 6/7, Paige Swisher 5/6, Ashley Casto 4/5, Katie Sinclair 4/6, Kalin Manley 2/2, Braelea Skeen and Grace Moore 1/2
Passing: Paige Swisher 31, Karlie Hesson and Mikala Armstead 21, Anna Kurnott 17, Katie Sinclair 15, Braelea Skeen nine, Ashley Casto seven, Lexie Prater six, Kalin Manley four, Grace Moore one
Points: Anna Kurnott nine, Mikala Armstead six, Paige Swisher and Katie Sinclair five, Karlie Hesson, Lexie Prater, and Ashley Casto three, Kalin Manley two.

Leading sets: Karlie Hesson 16
Hits: Anna Kurnott 11, Katie Sinclair six, Paige Swisher four, Lexie Prater two, Ashley Casto one.
The varsity lost to a quality Hurricane team in two sets on Wednesday 25-18, 25-18.
Serving: Paige Swisher 11/12, two aces, Karlie Sinclair and Ashley Casto 7/7, Anna Kurnott 5/6, three aces, Grace Moore 2/2, Kalin Manley 1/2
Passing: Paige Swisher 18, Katie Sinclair and Anna Kurnott 10, Lexie Prater eight, Karlie Hesson and Kalin Manley six, Grace Moore and Ashley Casto four, Braelea Skeen one
Points: Anna Kurnott eight, Paige Swisher five, Karlie Hesson, Katie Sinclair, and Ashley Cato three, Grace Moore one

Leading sets: Karlie Hesson 7/7
Hits: Anna Kurnott 9/9, Katie Sinclair three, Lexie Prater and Ashley Casto one
The jayvee squad took two against Winfield 25-22, 25-15 on the strong serving of Haylee Casto.
Serves: Haylee Casto 18/18, Jahlea Bumpus 9/11, Delanie Kemp 7/7, Tori Hinzman 3/3, 1 ace, Brianna McCune and Jaysi Ludtman 2/2, Kelsie Hill 1/1
Passing: Jahlea Bumpus 12/15, Brianna McCune six, Taylor Johnson four, Haylee Casto and Tessa Ray three, Kelsie Hill two, Delanie Kemp, Brianna Cornett, and Jaysi Ludtman 1
Points: Haylee Casto 10, Jahlea Bumpus eight, Delanie Kemp three, Taylor Johnson, Brianna McCune, Brianna Cornett, Jaysi Ludtman, Tessa Ray and Tori Hinzman one each.
Hits: Haylee Casto - one

 Versus Hurricane, the jayvee team made a valiant comeback worthy of noting. Down by 10, the Lady Vikings came roaring back and won, 25-21. They were down at least 13 points in the second game, and came back to win 26-24, thanks to a serving run by Brianna McCune who served 13 in a row. The jayvee had a perfect serving game. No one missed a serve in the match. Ripley Middle won in two 25-21, 26-24.
“I was very proud of how hard we fought to come back,” said coach Moore after the game. Serving: Brianna McCune 20/20, 1 ace, Jahlea Bumpus 13/13, 7 aces, Katlyn Sarver 6/6, Haylee Casto 4/4, Delanie Kemp 3/3, Kelsie Hill 2/2, Brianna Cornett, Jaysi Ludtman 1/1

Passing: Jahlea Bumpus 17, Brianna McCune 11, Brianna Cornett, Kelsie Hill, and Katlyn Sarver nine, Tori Hinzman five, Delanie Kemp four, Haylee Casto, Jaysi Ludtman three, Tessa Ray and Taylor Johnson had one. Points: Jahlea Bumpus 15, Brianna McCune 11, Katlyn Sarver four, Kelsie Hill three, Delanie Kemp, Brianna Cornett, Tori Hinzman two, Haylee Casto had one.Hits: Jahlea Bumpus two, Katlyn Sarver had one.