RIPLEY - The Jackson County Board of Education voted to approve a one-dollar hike in admission price to varsity sporting events, effective immediately. Admission will be raised from four dollars to five.

Those fans that pre-purchase season passes will not be retroactively charged. Their discounted rate will remain intact.
Also approved during the meeting on September 5 was the approval of a change order with West Virginia Heating and Plumbing Company in the amount of $3,430.00 to install (2) roof hydrants in the new Kenna Elementary School.

The board approved a change order with Hayslett Construction Company, Inc. in the amount of $10,000 for the installation of stone medallions in the facade of the new Kenna Elementary School.

There was concern expressed by members of the board over the slight delay that the installation could cause in the overall completion of the project.

The board launched into (2) executive sessions within the first half hour of the meeting to discuss sensitive subject matter relating to Jackson County students.