RAVENSWOOD - Local residents will have pizza x2 when Little Caesar’s moves into the former Gary’s Beverages and Video building. Gary and Debi Hunt own the structure and according to the couple, negotiations to secure the business took about ten months to complete.

Said Gary Hunt, “We talked to Dan Lewis who owned the Little Caesar’s in Ripley. He got with us I think it was over the summer and we got together over the months and we worked things out to where he’s going to lease our building. ”
Said Debi Hunt, “He’s been interested in the building for a long time. He’s had a success in Ripley and he really likes Ravenswood and he’s looking forward to having a business here. Dealing with the designs and corporate took a while. Every step we took had to be approved by them. They had to come here several times and approve this site, so it just took a while.”

The couple stated that they had to remove all of their equipment from the store before renovations were started for the new eatery.

“We’ve been cleaning everything out. We’ve discarded everything out of the building. We had to take the coolers out, all of the counters and other things. We also donated our slushy machine to the Ravenswood Little League You wont even recognize the building. They are going to work on the building and the lot and they will have a drive-thru,” Said Debbi.
Added Gary, “They’re just now getting the electric turned back on and He’s ready to go in and start his work on the renovations to get it up and running. He’s hoping to have it open around Halloween or the first of November.” We are looking forward to it coming in because they have a pretty good product, it will create jobs and there will be more B&O for the City.”

Debbi commented, “It will be good for the kids who have ball games and practices. They can run over and get a $5 pizza, get on the bus and take off.

So, I think it’s going to be very nice addition to the City.”