Dreaming of the beach? Nancy Vienneau, our resident supper club guru, is too.

Itís been awhile since Iíve had one of those idyllic beach vacations, but hereís my dream: After having spent the morning at the ocean, Iíll return to the cottage that overlooks it. Iíll take a seat at a table under an umbrella, and sip a cool spritzer, made with rhubarb and mint. Iíll make a sandwich with slices of pineapple-peach glazed ham on cheddar biscuits and nosh on deviled eggs sparked with capers. Capping off my meal, Iíll indulge in this crazy-simple dessert, called Atlantic Beach Pie. Have you heard of it? Itís based on lemon/key lime pie recipes, but has a crust made from saltine crackers. The contrast of that salty crust with the intense sweet-tart citrus filling, balanced with plain whipped cream is the stuff of dream beach vacations. Ah, the salt air, the lap of waves, a piercing blue sky, a gentle breezeÖ Are you with me? I thought so. óBy Nancy Vienneau, a food writer in Nashville, Tenn. Brought to you by: Relish - Free Recipes, Cooking Videos & Articles