RAVENSWOOD - After the recent retirement of 30-year city employee and Chief Water Operator Vincent Cambrare, Ravenswood City Council members approved Kenneth Samples to serve as Chief Water Operator. Samples took over the job on July 1.

According to Samples, his duties will entail controlling the whole water plant and the distribution system.
Said Samples, "They were needing changes done, but it's not due to the person that was before me. The state came in and gave them (Vince and the other operators) a quota. If they didn't meet the quota, they would be in violation of the regulations and the water plant could have possibly been shut down."

Samples continued, "Vince was perfectly capable of doing this and tried to get state guidelines implemented for some time but they had his hands tied. I've already met with city leaders. I guess (council) had heard of me and so I turned in my resume. The mayor told me that they had interviewed other people, and had my resume information thoroughly checked out."

Samples credits his work ethic to his parents who he said taught him to be mannerly as well as hard-working and to do the job right the first time. With this teaching, Samples went on to be educated as a 4th class operator, a master electrician, a machinist and a plumber, as well as a contractor. He added that he has worked for himself for over 30 years.
He finished, "I told Vince that they are losing a good man. I like Vince a lot. He's a gentleman and a scholar."