JACKSON COUNTY - A project two years in the making is finally complete. At the last meeting of county commission County Clerk Jeff Waybright talked about a book and DVD about courthouses entitled, Living Monuments: the Courthouses.

The book is hardbound edition filled with full-color photographs of all 55 structures and their various styles of architecture. Along with photographs, the book also provides information about each courthouse.

Said Waybright, “The West Virginia Associate of Counties, which is an organization made up of elected officials throughout West Virginia, we decided to do something to preserve our history of the county courthouses.”

Waybright stated that the choice of doing a DVD and a hardback book was due to the lack of having all of the histories’ together in one volume. With the book and the DVD this information is now available.

Said Waybright, “We didn’t really have a hard copy book or a movie type thing that gave the history of each house”, said Waybright, “There was nothing as far as where they wanted the county seats, where they wanted the courthouses, how they got the property and what type of architecture did they want to use. There are so many courthouses that have the most beautiful architecture You can tell in what time the courthouses were constructed and added on to.”

According to the county clerk as far as gathering the multitude of photographs and information, consultants were hired for the background of the DVD.

He explained, “They also became the authors of the book and put it together for us. In doing this they contacted each county and elected officials. They talked to local historical societies trying to come up with information.”

The DVD was featured on PBS (Public broadcasting Service) during the weekend of the150 birthday of West Virginia. The video also had the distinct privilege of receiving a very prestigious nomination.

“Last year we came out with the DVD and it was nominated for an Emmy. We didn’t get the Emmy, but it was an honor that we were nominated,” said Waybright.

Although the DVD does not feature all 55 structures it does spotlight the most interesting. One example tells the story of citizens who did not like their courthouse. One night in a bold move, a group of locals took it upon them selves to demolish it.

Waybright presented a book and DVD to the commissioners as well as two books and two DVDs to the Library and middle schools.

“We are really proud of the book and DVD”, said Waybright, “Now we will have this information for years to come”.
To purchase the book and/or DVD contact the West Virginia Association of Counties, in Charleston, WV. The Executive Director, Patty Hamilton will be take orders by calling (304)-346-0591. The cost of the book is $35 and the DVD $10.
In other commission news;

* Exonerations as submitted by Asser Brian Thomas were approved.
* Fiduciary paperwork as submitted by the fiduciary supervisor was approved.
* The resignation of Teresa Evans from the Jackson County Library board was accepted.
* The employment of Caleb Smith retroactive to May 20 and the employment of Emily Shinn retroactive to June 5 as part-time help for the extension service was approved.
* The resignation of Crystal Wilson as an employee in the circuit clerk’s office effective June 30 was acknowledged.
* The termination of Pat Chambers as an animal shelter attendant/humane officer was carried out.