RAVENSWOOD - On June 6, Ravenswood Police Patrolman J.E. Cogar was dispatched to Joe Short Drive in Ravenswood on a cruelty to animal complaint . The caller stated that she was concerned about a puppy in the possession of Marlyn 'Marty' Carte. She heard neighbors say that Carte was abusing the dog.

In a statement to Cogar, it was reported that Carte was on the sidewalk apparently to get her dog. Carte allegedly picked up the pup by the neck and began punching the animal in the face and belly, while screaming," I'll kill you, you son of a *****." Then Carte was reported to have flung the dog in the house where it could be heard yelping.
Two other witnesses also stated that Carte was indeed abusing the dog. Their written statement confirmed what the first witness has stated.

In addition to confirming the actions, Carte allegedly contacted the two witnesses and told them the dog had destroyed her house and she had beat it to death.

Cogar went to Carte's residence and gained permission to enter.

Cogar asked Carte if she had a puppy. Carte confirmed that she did. He then asked about the health of pup.
Carte replied that the dog was dead. Cogar asked how the dog happened to die. Carte answered that it fallen down the stairs. Cogar then asked where the animal was, and Cart indicated by pointing to a cardboard box in the living room.
Carte was placed under arrest and was read her rights by Patrolman Nathan Cummings. Carte was placed in Cummings' cruiser and taken to the station for processing. During processing, Carte allegedly admitted to killing her dog.
Charged with cruelty to animals, Carte was lodged in the South Central Regional Jail. She was arraigned and bond was set at $50,000. She subsequently posted bond and been released pending further court action.