RAVENSWOOD - In a routine traffic stop, what might have been a ticket or warning for a malfunctioning muffler turned into a pot bust instead.

On Wednesday, May 30, Ravenswood Police Patrolmen Thompson and Bobby Knox were performing routine patrol duties when they observed a silver Dodge Neon with a defective muffler. 

The officers observed the vehicle as it exited the William S.Ritchie Bridge and turned south onto Route 68.  As the officers continued to follow the vehicle, they observed it cross over the double yellow line.

They stopped the vehicle on Route 68, adjacent to the Loading Zone, and made contact with the occupants.  As Thompson and Knox observed the actions of the occupants, the officers noticed that they appeared very nervous and anxious. 

Permission to search the vehicle was granted. During the search Thompson and Knox discovered a large bag of marijuana in the vehicle’s trunk. 

Noah Albert Evans Sr., 51, of Delbarton, WV, was arrested for possession with intent to deliver marijuana.  During an interview, Evans allegedly admitted to possessing one pound of marijuana. 

Officers used the scales at the post office to measure the weight of the marijuana measuring 434 grams, which is approximately 1 pound. The street value of the illegal substance was close to $4,000.00. 

“As always this comes as no surprise, my men are always on top of things and are dedicated to removing drugs from the streets of our community,” said Chief fo Police Lance Morrison. “We will continue interdiction patrols all hours of the night and day and expect more results like this in the future”. 

Evans was held in the South Central Regional Jail in lieu of bond.