RIPLEY - With the price of gas going up and down like a yo-yo, the search for alternative fuel sources are being looked at.
At this time vehicles that run with electricity as a fuel are gaining popularity.

When one thinks of natural gas, it’s a way of heating or cooling households and business establishments. It’s used for cooking meals in addition to heating water and drying clothes.  These items are a mere one-third of customer consumption.

However, what if there is a fuel that is not only abundant and runs cleaner, but is also two-thirds cheaper than the price of gasoline?
CNG Innovations owner and president Michael Moore is working toward using natural gas as an alternative source of fuel for vehicles. 

As of right now, C & G Innovations is the only conversion facility in the State of West Virginia.

Said Moore, “We have recently opened for business here in Ripley. What we are trying to do is convert vehicles from regular gasoline and diesel to natural gas. West Virginia has an abundant supply of natural gas. Conversion itself is straightforward. Put in a fuel cylinder and fuel injectors and then add them to the engine. Its nothing new it’s been around since World War II. Its in the main stream ”.

According to Moore, West Virginia has an abundant supply of natural gas.

In the past 10 years, the combination of revolutionary drilling in addition to finishing techniques have extended the life of the natural gas industry. At the same time it has opened up considerable new sources of shale gas production.
The flow of gas production has expanded and has significantly helped to reduce fuel expenses.  The cost of using natural gas is about $1 per gallon in comparison to gasoline, which runs from $3 and up.

“Why would I want to do this? It’s cheaper. Natural gas is also abundant here in West Virginia. As for mileage it’s about the same. Its good for companies that has drivers go back and forth from the company work site. Its also for government agencies that travel a lot,” informed Moore.

For those who are environmentally savvy, Moore stated that natural gas is cleaner fuel with practically no emissions.
Explained Moore, “It’s not a by-product of anything so it is cleaner fuel.”

There are some stations that are already operational in other states.
“I went for training in Oklahoma and I pull up to a gas station and natural gas was 99 cents a gallon.  It will take time before stations will be ready to offer natural gas as a fuel choice. But this is our goal.”