RAVENSWOOD – The Ripley Vikings rolled past host Ravenswood in tennis Friday, winning all but one boys' singles match and all but one singles and one doubles match on the girls' side.

The was the fifth match of the season for Coach Greg Varney's Vikings and just the first for the Red Devils of Coach Butch Varney.

Boys' Results
Ripley 6—Ravenswood 1
Casey Smith def. Ethan Cross, 8-2
Sean Matics (Rav) def. Logan Reynolds, 8-2
Jordan Ullom def. Michael Danishanko, 8-4
Jacob Haynes def. Logan Tucker. 8-0
Doubles - Casey Smith/Derek Hill def. Ethan Cross/Sean Matics, 9-8 (7-4)
Jordan Ullom/Parker Lively def. Michael Danishanko/Logan Tucker, 8-1
J.J. Mahan/Baylee Vankirk def. Elias McKown/Kurt Tennant, 8-2
Ripley 4-1; Ravenswood 0-1
Girls' Results
Ripley 5—Ravenswood 2
Singles Emily Munson def. Alex McNabb, 8-2
Taylor Youell (Rav) def. Kaitlyn White, 8-3
Brooke King def. Bess McNabb, 9-7
Arin Shatto def. Kerigan Crow. 8-2
Doubles - Emily Munson/Kaitlyn White def. Alex McNabb/Taylor Youell, 8-5
Arin Shatto/Megan Frampton def. Bess McNabb/Kerigan Crow, 8-3
Jordan Danko/Jordan Matics (Rav) def. Brooke King/Caleigh Neal, 8-5"Ripley 4-1 Rav 0-1

"I was proud of our team today and I still feel we will be a good team once we start playing and practicing more," said Coach Butch Varney.

"I hope the weather will allow it."

"Ripley has a very nice team, and it will be good to see how we improve throughout the season when we play them again in the last week of the season. Coach Greg Varney and Coach Steve Hunt have done a nice job and they will have a great season."

Ravenswood's next match: April 8 Home vs. St. Mary's at 4:15