The Glenville State College masher talks shop with Jackson Newspapers

Q: What is the greatest thing you took from the 2009 Championship Ripley softball team?
A: I learned to never back down. We had one loss that season and it was against the first team we played in the tournament. If we were to have let Logan County intimidate us, we never would have made our mark on history for Ripley High School.

Q: How do you manage academics and the demands of being a collegiate athlete?
A: 2. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! It's all about time management though. I work as a math tutor, teach an exercise class and practice softball. Don't get me wrong, I still have fun with friends but I make sure to have the biggest part of my studying done first. I also use a planner in order to keep due and test dates organized so I don't forget about something.

Q: What did you learn from coach (Ken) Swisher?
A: 3. I definitely learned my pump fake throw from coach Swisher as a catcher or infielder. I also developed a greater understanding for the word "team.".Most people would know that I am rather small for being a catcher; however, that was my place for the team.
In team sports, your position is not always your favorite, but you have to play the position most suitable to you based on the team you are playing for. I also learned that no matter what people are going to tear you down. I have learned to never let anyone cause me to feel inferior to them. The game, or in life the situation, is always open to the expected winner and the underdog. All you need is will power and a strong mind.

Q: What is your fondest memory of being a Lady Viking Softball player? Why?
A: 4. Getting that state championship ring is probably one of the memories I will cherish. There are not many teams that can say they won a state championship. Along with that, every team interaction, whether being a game or team bonding, was an important memory. Also, all of the peaks and valleys lead to the team chemistry that it took for us to leave our legacy as the first ever girls' state softball champion at Ripley High School.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: I plan on attending graduate school for physical therapy and eventually owning my own clinic.