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My 2 Cents Worth
Jan. 18, 2013 2:02 p.m.

The world of reality television has gotten stranger and stranger. The latest is called Buck Wild. It is supposedly filmed in West Virginia. Its obviously filmed without the use of a map.
I'll just put it like this; the show takes up where Jerry Springer left off. Many out of state folks already believe the type casting of West Virginians.
We are depicted as trashy, lazy, bare foot and pregnant as well as unintelligent and incestuous. Let's not forget that we all have a still out in the woods. Seriously, do we really need more added to the list?
My next pick is Amish Mafia. The Mafia members are depicted as territorial gang members. They hold buggy races and take bets. Young people are provided with party nights infused with alcohol. Then there are the cockfights with another opportunity to gamble,
In my mind an Amish Mafia is similar to a meat-eating vegan, because there isn't one. However, it is entertaining in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

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