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  • Demons pin Ritchie; Wratchford, Tanner top placers on mats

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  • GRANTSVILLE – Coach John Heath's Ravensowod Middle School Demon wrestlers beat Ritchie County and had Corey Wratchford (first place) and Jacob Tanner (runner-up) as top placers in a five-team-match at Calhoun County Middle School Wednesday.
    Heavyweight Wratchford scored four pins (including a fall in just five seconds), while Tanner won three of four matches.
    Calhoun 42—Ravenswood (RAV) 21

    78-Chris Murray (Rav) maj. dec. Richards (Cal), 22-10 

    84-Tanner (Rav) tech. fall Allen (Cal), 16-10

    90-McCune (Cal) pinned Eskew (Rav), 1:35

    95-Stump (Cal) won via forfeit

    102-Metheney (Cal) won via forfeit

    110-Lacy (Cal) pinned R. Wratchford (Rav), 1:27 116-double forfeit

    123-double forfeit

    128-double forfeit
    135-Scott (Rav) won via forfeit
    145-Holcomb (Cal) pinned Liston (Rav), 0:35

    155-Moore (Cal) pinned Coleman (Rav), 0:30

    171-Ritchie (Cal) pinned Parsons (Rav), 3:31

    190-double forfeit

    285-C. Wratchford (Rav) pinned Cunningham (Cal), 0:30
    Ravenswood 42—Ritchie 30

    78-Dalton (Rit) pinned Murray (Rav), 0:23 

    84-Tanner (Rav) pinned Hardman (Rit), 2:24

    90-Eskew (Rav) won via forfeit

    95-Bailey (Rit) won via forfeit

    102-Jones (Rit) won via forfeit

    110-R. Wratchford (Rav) wom via forfeit 

    116-double forfeit

    123-double forfeit

    128-Collins (Rit) won via forfeit
    135-Mason (Rit) pinned Scott (Rav), 0:40
    145-Liston (Rav) pinned Downs (Rit), 1:35

    155-Coleman (Rav) won via forfeit

    171-Parsons (Rav) won via forfeit

    190-double forfeit

    285-C. Wratchford (Rav) pinned Blackburn (Rit), 2:40
    Braxton 81—Ravenswood 6

    78-Triplet (Bx) pinned Murray (Rav), 0:35 

    84-Vincent (Bx) dec. Tanner (Rav), 4-0

    90-Dennison (Bx) pinned Eskew (Rav), 1:57

    95-Kimberling (Bx) won via forfeit

    102-Hoard (Bx) won via forfeit

    110-Frame (Bx) pinned R. Wratchford (Rav), 0:26 116-Anderson (Bx) won via forfeit

    123-Young (Bx) won via forfeit

    128-Poling (Bx) won via forfeit
    135-Baccus (Bx) pinned Scott (Rav), 0:33
    145-Jarvis (Bx) pinned Liston (Rav), 0:28

    155-Hudnell (Bx) pinned Coleman (Rav), 1:39

    171-Bonett (Bx) pinned Parsons (Rav), 0:51

    190-Campbell (Bx) won via forfeit

    285-C. Wratchford (Rav) pinned Knight (Bx), 0:05
    Spencer 48—Ravenswood 36

    78-Saunders (S) pinned Murray (Rav), 1:50 

    84-Tanner (Rav) pinned E. Coia (S), 0:50

    90-Clark (S) pinned Eskew (Rav), 2:08

    95-Hart (S) won via forfeit

    102-Spencer (S) won via forfeit

    110-R. Wratchford won via forfeit 

    116-Beckett (S) won via forfeit

    123-Hildreth )S) won via forfeit

    128-J. Coia (S) won via forfeit
    135-Walker (S) pinned Scott (Rav), 1:22
    145-Liston (Rav) won via forfeit

    155-Coleman (Rav) pinned Hildreth (S), 0:33

    171-Parsons (Rav) pinned Hardway (S), 0:25

    190-Burnside (S) won via forfeit

    Page 2 of 2 - 285-C. Wratchford (Rav) pinned Simon (S), 0:20
    Tuesday at The Pit
    Hamilton 51—Ravenswood 36

    78-Chris Murray (Rav) won via forfeit
84-Jacob Tanner (Rav) pinned Nathan Wagoner (H), 0:47

    90-Matt Fox (H) dec. Caleb Eskew (Rav), 9-5

    95-Brandon Wright (H) won via forfeit
    102-Evan Porcher (H) won via forfeit
    110-Jay Limpscomb (H) pinned Ryan Wratchford (Rav), 0:41

    116-Tyler Teters (H) won via forfeit
    123-Austin Paterson (H) won via forfeit
    128-Cody Hunt (H) won via forfeit
    135-Elijah Hearn (H) won via forfeit

    145-Zimmie Liston (Rav) won via fotfeit
    155-David Frye (Rav) won via forfeit

    171-Dustin Parsons (Rav) won via forfeit
    190-Owen Webb (H) pinned Drayven Torrence (Rav), 0:59

    285-Corey Wratchford (Rav) pinned Gavin Haught (H), 2:25
    Blennerhassett 60—Ravenswood 24

    78-Luke Martin (B) pinned Chris Murray (Rav), 1:47

    84-Jacob Tanner (Rav) pinned Zach Wilson (B), 2:21

    90-Landon Flinn (B) pinned Caleb Eskew (Rav), 0:30

    95-T.J. Huffman (B) won via forfeit

    102-Chase Bell (B) won via forfeit
    110-Travis Huffman (B) won via forfeit

    116-Will Varner (B) won via forfeit

    123-Brandon Eader (B) won via forfeit

    135-Devin Bonnell (B) won via forfeit
    145-Zimmie Liston (Rav) won via forfeit

    155-Jack Raitz (B) pinned David Frye (Rav), 0:30

    171-Dustin Parsons (Rav) pinned Wyatt Jones (B), 0:14

    190-Chance Snider (B) pinned Drayven Torrence (Rav), 0:51

    285-Corey Wratchford (Rav) pinned Michael Macke (B), 0:33
    Ravenswood's next match will be in Logan, WV on January 5.
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