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The Music of Nashville: An Essential Playlist
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By Tina Mandrake
I grew up in Charleston,WV and graduated from Charleston High School in 1988. (WOW...where has the time gone to?) After graduating, I attended Marshall University. (Was probably there a little longer than I was suppose to be). While at my stay ...
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I grew up in Charleston,WV and graduated from Charleston High School in 1988. (WOW...where has the time gone to?) After graduating, I attended Marshall University. (Was probably there a little longer than I was suppose to be). While at my stay in Huntington, I majored in advertising and minored in marketing through the school of Journalism. I later met my root to Jackson county (my ex husband) and we moved here to start our family and I finished my degree. I live in Ravenswood and have 2 sons, Hayden and Trey. Hayden is a freshman at Ravenswood High School. He is a member of the football and basketball teams. Trey attends Ravenswood Grade School and is in 5th grade. Trey plays basketball and recently was selected to be on the Elite Team at the Elite Center in Parkersburg. So between the 2 of them, we stay pretty busy with their sports schedules, etc.

I live in a home built in the late 1800's. Boy ole' boy has it been a continuous project since day one! Like many, there is either not enough money or there is not enough time.

Everything I've decorated with in the past sparks a memory today like a old song on the radio... It's fun looking at old photos and seeing items that made your space your \x34home\x34 years ago. . I have kept a few of my favorite decorations and have incorporated them in my home now, minus the yard sale mallards which hopefully flew south.

I look forward sharing home decor ideas with you through this blog and would love to hear your stories and ideas on what makes your house your \x34home\x34!

You can contact me at tina.mandrake@hardmans.com or stop by the Ripley store and see me!
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By TV Guide
Dec. 11, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere | Photo Credits: Chris Hollo/ABC

The official soundtrack for ABC's Nashville was released this week, and in case you haven't been keeping up with the series, we've put together a playlist to help you catch up before it returns in January.

"The music is as much a part of the narrative as the dialogue," according to creator Callie Khouri, whose husband, renowned producer T-Bone Burnett, is the series' musical director. (Check out ABC's accompanying On the Record web series for additional insights into the music from the actors and producers.)

And not to worry - though Nashville takes place in the titular country music capital of the world, its songs have mass appeal, even for viewers who aren't fans of twang. With the character of Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) in particular, the show has jumped on the Taylor Swift bandwagon and is riding it all over the blurry pop-country landscape. And though the actors perform all the songs on the soundtrack themselves, Burnett, Khouri and the behind-the-scenes team have tapped songwriters including Elvis Costello, Kate York, and local Nashville-ites to pen the music.

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Here are our Top 5 tracks from the soundtrack:

"Love Like Mine" - Written by Kelly Archer, Justin Weaver and Emily Shackelton, performed by Juliette (Panettiere)
Juliette's hit single, which she performs in front of a screaming stadium audience in the pilot episode, made it clear from the start that Nashville's music was going to be as engaging as its story lines. Good luck getting this one out of your head.

"I Will Fall" - Written by Kate York and Tyler James, performed by Scarlett and Gunner (Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio)
"The songs are always the subtext for what they're actually experiencing," says Khouri about the songwriting duo Scarlett and Gunner. "They're always singing songs about people falling in love with each other, or unrequited love." This tearjerker of a ballad is the track they're working on when Scarlett's boyfriend Avery (Jonathan Jackson) walks in on them. Awkward!

Nashville: Good guys vs. bad guys

"Buried Under" - Written by Natalie Hemby and Chris DeStefano, performed by Rayna (Connie Britton)
When Rayna tells her husband Teddy (Eric Close) she's writing a song about herself "for once," the end result is "Buried Under," which we learn will be the first track recorded for her new album and the one that will mark the debut of her new, edgier sound. "It's about her dad and then all the stuff that kind of unfolds with Teddy," says Britton, "and it's sort of about this world that she's been intertwined in for her whole life."

"Undermine" - Written by Trent Dabbs and Kacey Musgraves, performed by Juliette and Deacon (Panettiere and Charles Esten)
The song that Juliette and Deacon write together is a real eye-opener for him. "It's the first time that you really see her talent and the heart behind her, being able to write it right off the top of her head," explains Panettiere. "It's a really great moment." No wonder they end up in bed together after the session!

"Twist of Barbwire" - Written by Elvis Costello, performed by Avery (Jackson)
Struggling musician Avery is resentful of his girlfriend Scarlett's musical success, so he writes songs like the sharply self-pitying "Twist of Barbwire" to deal with his frustration. (Fun fact: Jackson is an accomplished songwriter in his own right, and has been playing in the indie rock band Enation since 2002.)

Nashville returns Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 10/9c on ABC.

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