Allen Iverson references aside, in my last column, I briefly touched on sports coverage for Jackson County. We are looking to maximize coverage in Jackson County.

Allen Iverson references aside, in my last column, I briefly touched on sports coverage for Jackson County. We are looking to maximize coverage in Jackson County.

To be clear, I handle Ripley sports and Greg Matics is your go to guy for Ravenswood. Mark Martin, who has graced our papers with his pen since 1979, will continue to do what he does and cover the sports he currently covers while contributing features from Ripley and Ravenswood.

First of all, we want to thank the coaches and parents who take the time to get information to us. You, ladies and gentlemen, are appreciated.
We are always looking for better and efficient ways to get your teams into our paper. 

Obviously, advertising dictates how many sports pages we can produce in any given issue and this can change from issue to issue.
Gone are the days when the Herald was the “Ripley” paper and the Star was the “Ravenswood” paper. We get the news in regardless of location as quickly as possible and our web site has become a powerful tool to update you between editions of Jackson Newspapers.

We can’t cover every single sporting event in the county and still physically produce a newspaper. Like any small paper, everyone has multiple responsibilities as Greg is the editor and has pagination duties. I also handle video editing, pagination and sports related Web site management.

Our policy is that all varsity sports take precedence over all other, then middle school and elementary and beyond.

We are urging Jackson County coaches to send us a numbered roster and a schedule for your team as soon as you have that information.
Not all schedules and rosters are posted on the WVSSAC Web site and it sure makes it a better story when we can identify the kids in the photos we take. Isn’t that the point? Getting the kids in the paper?

Once we have this, we can schedule a time to shoot team and individual photos. If we don’t contact you first, please drop us a line of call so we can get the ball rolling early in your respective season.

Trust me, we do our best but sometimes our plates get fuller than my brothers and I at the Golden Corral.

Summer league coaches are included in this request as well.

We also want to establish communication with coaches so we can get your scores and stats from EVERY game, not just the ones we can physically attend.

We welcome submissions from parents as well. We urge you to submit info on the games you lose as well (you know who you are)
I read a lot of newspapers around this state. It’s what I do before my day even gets started. I drink an oil barrel full of coffee drenched in Splenda and cream and I read newspapers. It’s my passion. I have found very few “hometown” papers that do what we do in West Virginia.

Look around. Find a box score for a middle school game much less a story with associated photos. Often, even varsity coverage is vacant.
We want to do more but we need your help. Send us your money. No, Don’t send us your money, I was only kidding. Send us coffee. No, not that either. Send us your scores and your statistics.

If you haven’t noticed, our video interviews have been a big hit. We look to expand on this in the coming months and become smoother in our editing.

Once again, email Ripley sports to me at and Ravenswood sports to Greg Matics at

You can also call your stats in, just make sure you leave all sports from all schools in my voice mail box 304.372.4222 or you can fax to 304.372.5544

My next column will pose a question. Does the Ripley High Gymnasium (Ripley Health Center) need a facelift?
I will continue to do features on Ripley based athletes.

I enjoy writing features and I want to take this time to thank every student-athlete and parent that went out of their way to meet me on the diamond or the court for photo shoots at 9 a.m. on a Saturday.

Until next time, If you can’t beat ‘em, outwork ‘em!