According to police, evidence at the scene contradicts the owner's belief that his missing python is still located on his property. 

Ravenswood police now believe that a large python that was reported missing yesterday is no longer on the tenant's property, contrary to what the snake owner told police he believed yesterday.

According to the police department, snake scales were found under the fence of the residence indicating that the snake escaped from the premises by slithering underneath the fence. 

Residents were alerted yesterday that the large, nine-foot python had gone missing and were asked to keep a close watch on children and pets. 

The snake's owner had told police that he believed the snake had crawled underneath porch where it was dark and warm, but the latest evidence appears to contradict that belief. 

While non-poisonous, pythons are constrictors that surround prey, usually small animals, suffocating them prior to eating them.  They are generally considered to be non-dangerous to humans, and reported human attacks are rare. 

As a public safety precaution, residents are asked to report any snake sightings to the police.