Property recovered from over 12 burglaries in two states; police are still working to ID victims. 

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies, working in cooperation with multiple law enforcement agencies, have solved a string of over dozen burglaries spanning multiple counties in West Virginia and Ohio.

According to Sheriff’s Deputies, Matthew J. Jones, 29, and Jennifer Winland, 28, both of Ravenswood, and Ryan C. Null, 32, of Bidwell, OH, committed a string of nearly 14 burglaries spanning Jackson, Mason, and Roane Counties in West Virginia, and Gallia County, OH. 

According to Cpl. M.E. Cullen and Lt. A.J. Boggs of the Sheriff’s Department, the case broke following the arrest of Jones and Winland on unrelated outstanding warrants by the Roane County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday, July 18. 

According to Boggs and Cullen, on July 18, Roane County Deputies contacted Jackson County authorities saying that when Jones and Winland were arrested, they were found to be in possession of a pair of police-issued handcuffs engraved with the name, “Nohe.” 

Cullen and Boggs recognized the name, as they had investigated a burglary earlier in the month at the residence of retired police officer James Nohe in northern Jackson County. 

Boggs and Cullen traveled to Roane County that day where they conducted a lengthy interview with Jones in which he allegedly confessed to the Nohe burglary as well as implicated a third defendant, Null. 

Acting on that information, Deputies obtained a warrant to search Null’s residence in Bidwell, OH, where they recovered property that was identified as being stolen from several residences throughout Jackson, Mason and Gallia Counties.  The property included a bow, pair of boots, jewelry, and a prybar, which is believed to be the suspect’s tool of entry. 

Null was arrested following the search for burglary and conspiracy charges, as was Jones. 

According to Boggs, a continued investigation into the case led to two individuals in Circleville, OH, to whom Null allegedly sold four or five guns which deputies recovered. 

Also, deputies recovered three more guns in Celina, OH, near the Indiana border that were identified as being from the local burglaries. 

A subsequent search of Jones’s vehicle also turned up property from Roane and Jackson County burglaries. 

Authorities allege that the three conspired to commit the string of burglaries in the past month. 

According to Boggs, the three committed so many burglaries, authorities are having a rough time identifying all the victims. 

“These folks broke into so many homes we haven’t determined yet who all the victims are,” Boggs said.  “We have some jewelry that we don’t know where it came from yet; we’ve yet to find a report on it, and we might not.” 

In addition to Nohe, one of the other victims identified is a handicapped retired school teacher from Mason County, whom deputies say had multiple firearms stolen from his residence. 

“We’re recovering items from Roane County to the Indiana border,” Boggs said.  “So far, we’ve recovered several thousand dollars worth of stuff.” 

Boggs and Cullen estimated the value of just the guns collected so far is over $4,000.

Cullen, assisted by Boggs, is heading up the Jackson County investigation.  They are working with Sheriff’s Deputies in Roane, Gallia, and Mason Counties, the West Virginia State Police, as well as the Gallia, Pickaway and Ross County Sheriff’s Departments in Ohio in investigating the burglary ring. 

They say numerous additional charges are pending in the case once most of the property and victims have been identified.